Monday, December 15, 2008

Uncle Larry's Holiday Weekend

What a weekend. The idea was simple. Lindsay, Larry and I would hit Seven Springs to enjoy some early season Keystone White on our way to the 2008 Dirt Rag Punk Bike Enduro on Sunday. Not only was there going to be copious amounts of alcohol enjoyed, it was also Uncle Larry’s birthday weekend! He didn't let us forget it either, dubbing it his "Holiday Weekend".

We hit the road early Saturday morning going west to the sweet sounds of Classic Vinyl. A couple of tunnels later we were in a winter wonderland. They where plowing some early morning snow as we rolled into Somerset. We knew then that it was a start to a great day. We hit the slopes early and around lunch time Larry’s boys came out to meet us. We all hung for the rest of the day going “out of bounds” to hit the fresh stuff. Conditions were real good and we all agreed it was great to be on the boards again. After the boys left, the night was as follows. Drinking, pizza, drinking, bed.

We started Sunday buffet style at the lodge. Man, that food was good. It was west some more to get those pedals spinning. We were so stoked that we were boardin’ Saturday and riding bikes Sunday. After some slightly faulty directions and the help of the locals we arrived at the Enduro. We were amazed by the amount of people already there and the people that just kept pouring in. Around 11:30 we rolled out to the start of the first stage. Seeing almost 230 riders trying to get into singletrack was pretty funny. The trails were great. All mud. Nothing else. I don’t think we seen one section of trail that wasn’t muddy. The vibe was so chill and everybody was just really care free moving along to the next Troegs stop. I don’t think we stopped smiling all day long. It was really cool as you rolled up to a big downhill and everybody was stopped at the bottom cheering you on. You see, these weren’t your normal downhills. They were slick, sloppy and steep. After a couple more stages, mud bogs, beers, costumes and laughs it was back to the fire hall for some food. In every aspect, a great day!

Here are some stills from the weekend... Jeremy

Out of the tunnels, into the snow.
View from our front door...
...View from our back door.
Beverages on the lift while Larry tracks down the boys.

The theme of the weekend.

Everyone gathering for Larry's party.
Rolling out to the start.

We were middle pack. This is the group ahead...
...and this was the group still coming
Mud bogs and Freddie Mercury...this guy was a dead ringer!
Linds on the first downhill!

End of stage time!

Much steeper then it looks, this rider was unsuccessful.
Another stage, another beer.
The whole bike looks like this.
Good times!


spudgirl said...

" Its a jolly Ho-li-day with Larry "
( song from Mary Poppins)

Next years plan....old bikes, flat pedals, coveralls, garbage bags, and work boots!!!
We need to get UL one of those beepers for his keys so we can find them later.
Nice blog J!!!

Spud Racing said...

Wish I was there! Sounds like UL had a great 62nd birthday. Spuds rule!

Jeremy said...

i swear i don't have his keys or his wallet! i hope he found them!!!