Monday, June 29, 2009

Marysville/ 3 Top Ten spuds

Awesome Job to Spud Randy and Dewey for winning CASH!!! ( 2nd place Duo, 5th overall fastest team)
Also hats off to GUL for riding a Single Speed for 9 hrs and finishing a tough 4th place.
I hung in there for 8.25 hours and finished in 8th place. What a brutal day on such a fun course!! All you did was hop hop hop logs... I battled bee stings ( got stung on lap 1), had a couple mishaps and monkey butt by the end of the day.

All the Spuds represented and we definately missed you Beach Spuds!! You guys would have rocked the course and had a great time!! Once again, strangers, fellow racers shouted Support and spread Spud Love throughout !!!
Overall, A Great Sat. race was put on by the Visit PA guys and the Spuds had a very SPudlike day!!!
Spud out!! by a very tired sore Spud Linds. I feel like ive been run over by a Spud truck!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Spuds on Top

MASS finally posted Standings...Check out the Spuds!! Who would have thought the Spuds are on top with only 6 spuds!!! LOL!! Spuds Rock!!

Randy...your forgiven for Marysville...We saw Dewy in the Tractor Supply store Fri nite and laughed about the whole situation. We just like giving you grief!!

Spud out

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marysville - 9 hours of Spud

Spud Linds and GUL are flying solo for TEAM SPUD. 9 Hours of SPUD Love!!!! GUL is getting the Single Speed ready!!! We are goin up early Fri. to set up Camp Spud..then coming back in for Sat AM....

*** Randy. You can Spud Off!!!..**Seeing your name with another team .... Its definately NOT cool... NOT representing your team!!!

I found this Photo of Jon from last years Stoopid 50 looking for this years photos.
Awesomre photo of Jon floatin through the Mtn.Laurel. Jon we miss ya!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When things go Bad.......

Hey Spuds.... Everyone get on the wire and congratulate GUL for his Stoopid 50 ride this past Sunday.....
He's got some painfully crazy stories, about the day. I wish i could have seen you hanging on to the back end of the front group getting pulled up the mountain!!!

Once again, his Santa Cruz failed him and he had the flat tire, shifting issues, and I think his seat fell off!!
GUL also had some bad wrecks and dehydration cramping issues BUT the Spud FINISHED !!
Awesome effort Larry...

PS..Im buying you a real bike for next year.
Nobody rides a 26" bike any more...
Spud Linds

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stooopid 50 Map

The New Stoopid course map is out!!!! Bikereg.....Course...Lot of DBL T, Road...
Check it...
Spud Out

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Spuds..Rummmmoooorr has it, the race times will be 1 full hour shorter due to the relocated start..More road miles.. This is from The boys from State College area... Their Home turf..
Lots of competition showing up..I could use some HELP!!! Even the F boys from the Springs...Man we had to race to beat those guys...They are Fast..
Weather looks like it's gonna be NICE....Hopefully the Laurel will be in bloom...
Talk about B....U...tifulllll....
Thinking about camping after the race...Taking Monday OFF...YEHHH
Spud out

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wisconsin Spud

hey Spuds, blogging from Madison, WI....Everyone is on a fixie!! Unbelievable little college town where cyclists rule.
Ran a couple miles along a Lake Trail this Am before my seminar started.... I'm running again tomorrow.... I wish i had a bike to cruise around on!!!
Im not racin at Danville but will be there to support my Spudmates....
Spud out


Get out and RACE !!! Entry fee goes to the Children's Miracle Network....What a GREAT Group... Feel confident the money is going for something good this time!!!!


The course is up and down. 3,500ft of climbing in the Sport class, 4,500 Expert. Bring the OXYGEN...
Looks like weather should be Good. Mass start last year. The mass start seemed to work OK..See everyone at the TOUR....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


WE Have a Unknown Registering as a SPUD Racer..... Check the pre reg. for Danville...THIS IS NOT GOOD!! NEEDS CLEARED UP ASAP...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Spuds at Iron Hill

ROB 1st XC
Linds 6th Enduro
Randy 11th XC.. WOW out of how many Reg..??
Paul 15th Enduro
6AM.. The Spuds roll from GUL's Drive. Linds, UL, Paul and Rob. Rain is in the forecast.This brought discussion of Tires?? Turning around.???? What ..NO F'n way!!! Were Spuds!!!!!..Forget the monetary and physical damages suffered at the Granogue Mudfest...
Hit the DE Line...Rain drops are a fallin and continue for the next hour..
Found a great spot for the Spud tent during the race... with a bike rack...
What Great Host @ Iron Hill....
Rain stopped,, Enduro and beginner's start...Corse is very slick in spots,wet roots etc...
9am enduros' go out and go out fast...They get in a knub to knub line.... Hit the bridge and Linds needed a closer look..Sidewall blows and down she goes...She's OK ...Good thing!! Back for the repair and finished 5 Laps....WOW..Way to go!!!!
PT Man,,, Is Paul looking strong,,, out fast and continued that pace...Finished six laps....Nice strong race for Paul, in a very strong field.... Nice finish!!!!
Now to the XC Spuds..
Rob Is The Man!! Wins by over 10min. 1st place.. Need I say More???
Randy was out strong and in fourth place..Ended with an 11th...NICE!!!
Spud out,,

Rob Spud rocks Iron Hill!!!

Rob rocks Iron Hill and ends up on top of the podium in his class. Awesome!!
Nice effort to all Spuds at Iron Hill!!.

GUL did an all important FINE job of taking care of all the Spuds at the Spud Support Tent by feeding us bottles, wrenching, screaming, cheering, cowbelling and harrassing the competition as they went by.
**Gul is supposed to write a race report so I wont go in to any details...
more to come shortly!!