Monday, June 1, 2009

Spuds at Iron Hill

ROB 1st XC
Linds 6th Enduro
Randy 11th XC.. WOW out of how many Reg..??
Paul 15th Enduro
6AM.. The Spuds roll from GUL's Drive. Linds, UL, Paul and Rob. Rain is in the forecast.This brought discussion of Tires?? Turning around.???? What ..NO F'n way!!! Were Spuds!!!!!..Forget the monetary and physical damages suffered at the Granogue Mudfest...
Hit the DE Line...Rain drops are a fallin and continue for the next hour..
Found a great spot for the Spud tent during the race... with a bike rack...
What Great Host @ Iron Hill....
Rain stopped,, Enduro and beginner's start...Corse is very slick in spots,wet roots etc...
9am enduros' go out and go out fast...They get in a knub to knub line.... Hit the bridge and Linds needed a closer look..Sidewall blows and down she goes...She's OK ...Good thing!! Back for the repair and finished 5 Laps....WOW..Way to go!!!!
PT Man,,, Is Paul looking strong,,, out fast and continued that pace...Finished six laps....Nice strong race for Paul, in a very strong field.... Nice finish!!!!
Now to the XC Spuds..
Rob Is The Man!! Wins by over 10min. 1st place.. Need I say More???
Randy was out strong and in fourth place..Ended with an 11th...NICE!!!
Spud out,,

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