Monday, June 29, 2009

Marysville/ 3 Top Ten spuds

Awesome Job to Spud Randy and Dewey for winning CASH!!! ( 2nd place Duo, 5th overall fastest team)
Also hats off to GUL for riding a Single Speed for 9 hrs and finishing a tough 4th place.
I hung in there for 8.25 hours and finished in 8th place. What a brutal day on such a fun course!! All you did was hop hop hop logs... I battled bee stings ( got stung on lap 1), had a couple mishaps and monkey butt by the end of the day.

All the Spuds represented and we definately missed you Beach Spuds!! You guys would have rocked the course and had a great time!! Once again, strangers, fellow racers shouted Support and spread Spud Love throughout !!!
Overall, A Great Sat. race was put on by the Visit PA guys and the Spuds had a very SPudlike day!!!
Spud out!! by a very tired sore Spud Linds. I feel like ive been run over by a Spud truck!!

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Spud Racing said...

Rock out Spuds! Great job. Scroggy and I will toast you with some premium brews. Just eatin and drinkin down here at the beach. Went for a road ride with the scrog today, now just soakin up the sun and some good IPA's.
Spud Paul