Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marysville - 9 hours of Spud

Spud Linds and GUL are flying solo for TEAM SPUD. 9 Hours of SPUD Love!!!! GUL is getting the Single Speed ready!!! We are goin up early Fri. to set up Camp Spud..then coming back in for Sat AM....

*** Randy. You can Spud Off!!!..**Seeing your name with another team .... Its definately NOT cool... NOT representing your team!!!

I found this Photo of Jon from last years Stoopid 50 looking for this years photos.
Awesomre photo of Jon floatin through the Mtn.Laurel. Jon we miss ya!!!

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Spud Racing said...

First Jeremy and now Randy! Geezzz, I guess the Spuds aren't fast enough. O well, Randy is officially in the Spud penalty box. He has too sniff Pete's chamois.