Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Spuds..Rummmmoooorr has it, the race times will be 1 full hour shorter due to the relocated start..More road miles.. This is from The boys from State College area... Their Home turf..
Lots of competition showing up..I could use some HELP!!! Even the F boys from the Springs...Man we had to race to beat those guys...They are Fast..
Weather looks like it's gonna be NICE....Hopefully the Laurel will be in bloom...
Talk about B....U...tifulllll....
Thinking about camping after the race...Taking Monday OFF...YEHHH
Spud out

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jmblg said...

sorry about overestimating the course. prior to recent changes, it was pre road by some local ss's at moving cruising time of 6.15; then we find out they cut out the last climb and a half. the course turned out to have over 7300 ft of climbing