Friday, February 6, 2009

Run Uncle Larry Run

Hey Spudheads, Our very own Uncle Larry will be dashing with thousands of other runners down Water St. to the Rail trail and the official Jacubus 5K tomorrow AM. Go Spud.!!
Hey Jeremy...are you in??? My excuse is I will be trampled!
I'll be cheering somewhere on the course...yelling at UL to get his spud on!!
Spud out
Ps...Lookin to road ride somewhere Sat afternoon.


Jeremy said...

well, the fact that i woke up and jess said "the jacobus 5k must be this morning" was the first sign that i missed it. i didn't even think about it...

however uncle larry, i hope you did well!

what's going on for tomorrow and the swap meet?


Spud Racing said...

Hey J, We are not going to the Swap. (maybe we'll go the next one.).
We are probably gonna road ride over at Gettysburg tomorrow Am.

Cruise casual pace around through the Park and get some miles in our legs. Maybe race up and down the Fire Towers just for fun.
All are welcome..