Saturday, March 7, 2009

Race Report/ GUL Harassed By Senior Runner

GUL ran another race today. This time he flew down the Rail Trail and back covering about 6.2 miles. According to GUL, everything was going great until mile #5 when an older lady with grey hair came cruising by and started screaming at him for wearing his Ipod. The lady wouldnt let up with the verbal negativity and darted ahead, sizing up GUL's race number and dashing off, threatening to turn GUL in to the race officials.
GUL totally lost his che" at this point and probably had some choices names for the senior.
What is it about being a Spud..........Why do we always get yelled at?..

***, Congrats to GUL for another finish,,and for keeping his cool in the line of fire.
Im glad you didnt use Kempo X on her,,,!!
Spud Linds


Spud Racing said...

She was a nice grey/white haired B...Women....I told her i'd give up my 120th place. Damm No Podium

Spud Racing said...

O-yeh My time is't posted with the rest