Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hey Spuds, Im Blogging..... its had to get motivated when the rain pours and your super tied up with work stuff. Got a huge monkey off my back today by passing an adjusters exam down in Baltimore that I needed. Grumpy Uncle Larry gave me props everytime he answered the phone today, and called me a "SPUD CHAMPION".
Remember Spuds, work hard but no matter what happens... just remember.. we are already Champs!
Spud out
PS...Speaking of champs...GUL and his brother both ran 15K ( 9 miles plus)in another Trail Run Race this past Sat morn in the RAIN!! They both finished and got some Porkie the Pig tshirts,, thats just plain Awesome!!!

** Paul, hope your having a ball out in the Desert and Mountains of AZ!!

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