Friday, August 7, 2009

W 101 WOW

Wilderness adventure out of Coburn, PA, W 101. Hot and Hazzzzzy..You could say foggy. To start.and finish.
That didn't stop the race pace. As always most went out fast at the start, today was no different. Saw lots of old and new freinds. Most finished.
Well now. JS (the torch) lit the 100 mile course on his SS 69er. This man can move on a bike. 9hrs. 40 some...Shit man WAY TO GO!!!!!!! Can't say alot else...GLAD TO HAVE YOU AS A TEAM MATE !!! SPUD !!!
GUL finished in the not so blazing time of 11hrs. 50 some...SSR Surly 29er. Have to say had more fun on the SS. And added that check mark.
Congrads . go out to all....Gung-Ho and Cycle-works riders. GOOD Ride !!
GUL out

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