Sunday, January 25, 2009

Favorite Trailwork Picture of all time/ Pakistani Paul

** Callin all Spuds...Trail work Today at the Lakes 1:30 if ya can make it..
Grumpy UL and I will be there. :0)


Jeremy said...

Paul likes me so much that he wore a hat with my initials that day! Thanks!

Spud Racing said...

Sorry guys, can't make it today. Spending some time with the fam.
Talk to you next week and thanks for comming over Fri night. I had a good time and I hope you'all did too.

Spud Racing said...

Hey Paul, we missed ya...Spuds were well represented once again though.. Spuds give back!

You didnt miss too much. The ground was too frozen to bench cut so UL, Randy and I moved rocks for a couple hours working on a tabletop feature.
The club had about the same turnout as last time but with a couple new faces.
Thanks again for the Spud Gathering.
Tell your Mom , UL is still raving about her Salad!! :O)
Spud out