Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday 1/11/09 MASS Meeting??

Hey Spuds....should we go to this meeting?? Im not sure if its mandatory... Maybe we could ride somewhere afterwards to make the trip worthwhile... Right now there calling for a nice day on Sunday....The Steelers Play at 4:45... Respond with Spud thoughts only :o)'s Johns post from MASS....
"I have Victory Brewing in Downingtown reserved for the meeting so it's time to get a head count. We will start with the team directors meeting at 10AM on Sunday an 11th.
Would all the team directors that plan on attending please e-mail me OFF THE LIST and let me know that you are attending. Each team is invited to send two people and if you have women racers please bring one of them."

Spud out


Spud Racing said...

heres another thought.. Can you get a beer at 10 AM??
spud girl

Spud Racing said...

I don't see a need to go. If we organize a ride maybe, but not to make the trip for just the meeting. I woulkd rather have a Spud Racing meeting this weekend instead. Thoughts?

Spud Racing said...

Looks like theres a Yamba Posting for Trail work on Sunday as well at the Lakes....maybe we should attend the trail work as Spuds and have a Spud Pep Rally/suds session afterwords.
Its just a can throw me in the dumpster if ya want..:0)
spud out Linds