Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey Frozen Spud nuts

Hey Spuds, did ya'll go out in that frigid air this evening?? Its too cold for this old lady, i didnt even venture out for my evening jog. Crazy temps outside.
This photo is what you"ll look like if you ride your Bike too much.... :>)

Spud out


Jeremy said...

We certainly did!

Scroggy, PT, Randy and myself. Actually it wasn't too bad once you got moving. Good pace and minimal stops. Not too much snow to be had, but there were some icy spots. It felt good to get home and take a hot shower and go right to bed!

Spud Racing said...

Nice Job Spudnuts. ..Ride like a team, Freeze like a team! :o)
I havent seen Scroggy in months...